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Four Reasons Businesses Should Have Their Air Ducts Cleaned

Updated on November 26th 2023
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A lot of emphasis is given these days to residential air duct cleaning, and rightfully so. Keeping the duct work in your home clean is essential maintenance, especially in this day and age when air quality is so important. But houses are not the only structures that need their ducts cleaned. Commercial establishments also need to ensure a clean, hygienic workspace for staff members, many of whom still have reservations about returning to the office, hotel, restaurant or factory where they work.

Reasons for Commercial HVAC Cleaning in Arvada

It’s never been more important for businesses to provide a safe and hygienic place for staff to work and one of the best ways to do that is to have the pros from Steve’s restore your air ducts to a like-new state of clean. Maintaining clean air ducts will produce a host of short and long-term benefits for everyone involved and, by extension, for the business as well. Here are five good reasons to have your commercial ductwork professionally cleaned.

To eliminate stale odors

It’s not uncommon for places of business to take on a stale air over time. There are a lot of potential reasons for that including dirty carpets and dirty duct work. Annual air vent cleaning will prevent your office or retail space from acquiring a stale odor and enable the atmosphere within to stay fresh and inviting all year round.

In addition, if your workspace has recently undergone renovation, cleaning the air ducts is a must. That’s because huge amounts of dust, dirt, mold and other pollutants are released into the air as old walls are torn down or floors torn up. Many of these pollutants settle in the duct work and create the curious situation of a newly redesigned space that smells like it hasn’t been cleaned in years. Clean ducts can prevent that.

To make your workspace easier to keep clean

Dirty air ducts push out airborne pollutants that come to rest on desktops, office equipment, and carpeting. This makes the office, retail space, or other area harder to keep clean. In the case of restaurants, this unwanted airborne grit and grime can settle onto table tops for patrons to see, creating a negative impression of your establishment, (as well as a potential health hazard).

In offices, excess dirt and debris that settles into carpets can also create foul odors and necessitate premature calls to the carpet cleaning service. Making sure the duct work is always free of accumulated dust, dirt and debris will eliminate excessive amounts of airborne pollution and make it easier to clean the rest of your space.

To eliminate pests and their detritus

Rodents and other pests want to live in a safe, warm place like just about every other type of creature on earth. Unfortunately for them and us they often wind up taking up residence in residential and commercial air ducts. If you suspect pests are living in the duct work of your business, call the air vent cleaning pros at Steve’s. We’ll determine whether you have a pest problem and if you do we’ll recommend a course of action for you.

Once the pests are removed by qualified professionals we’ll move in and make sure your duct work is cleared of any rodent hair, droppings, dandruff and other infestation by-products. Your office or other space will smell better and be healthier for everyone. Regular follow-up visits will ensure your duct work stays free of pests.

Fewer employee sick days

Your building doesn’t have to suffer from "sick building syndrome" to have a negative effect on the health of your staff members. All of the various types of dirt and debris we talked about above circulating through your space can aggravate employee allergies, trigger respiratory incidents and make life for those with asthma a constant trial. The end result of these negative health effects is an increased number of sick days, increases to your insurance premiums and reduced staff productivity.

By keeping the duct work in your commercial establishment clean and hygienic you can eliminate these respiratory triggers, make your space more agreeable and reduce the number of sick days people take. Not only that but this is another instance when showing that you care about your staff is likely to increase loyalty and prevent expensive and disruptive worker turnover.

Get in Touch With Steve’s

At Steve's Air Duct Cleaning, we have been helping the people of Arvada keep their homes and businesses clean and hygienic for over 45 years. Our vent cleaners are all highly trained with years of experience and can restore your commercial duct work to a state of like-new cleanliness. To find us just search for "duct cleaning near me", tap on the Steve’s link in the search results and fill out our online contact form. Or better yet, just call us at (720) 419-7792

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