Tools and Equipment Used to Clean Air Ducts

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There are a lot of companies and individuals out there today offering to clean air ducts, but not all of them are qualified to do so. Some home and business owners are under the impression anyone should be able to clean air ducts. As a result, they don't question whether someone actually has the tools and equipment necessary to get the job done. But they should. Because an air duct cleaner without the right equipment is like a carpenter without a hammer and nails. In this post, the team at Steve's Air Duct Cleaning will go through what equipment is necessary to ensure your air ducts get properly cleaned.

Air Duct Cleaning in Arvada: What it Takes

If you are planning to have the air ducts in your home or business cleaned it’s important that you choose a contractor with the equipment necessary to get the job done right. If you’re not careful your duct cleaner may show up with a dust mop on a stick and a car vac and make things worse than they already were.

Any duct cleaning outfit worthy of the name should have all of the following equipment.

Equipment to inspect the duct work

Nothing can happen until the team from Steve’s inspects your duct work to determine its current state. Simply barging ahead without understanding what’s inside the ducts and what their current state is from a structural standpoint is asking for trouble. There could be mice or other uninvited visitors in the ducts, or the ducts could be structurally compromised with big gaps in the joints that need to be fixed.

To determine the current state of your duct work then we use either a camera system or a type of high-tech periscope (or both) that provides a real-time view of what’s going on inside your ductwork. If we find structural problems that need to be addressed first, we’ll show them to you and explain your options. If the ducts are structurally sound we’ll devise the right approach to cleaning them.

Tools to access the ducts

Once we’ve determined that your ducts are in good shape and assessed the level and nature of the dirt and debris inside the ducts we need to have the tools that will reach into every nook and cranny of the ductwork. In isolated cases that might mean creating access points in the ducts that will be used to insert our cleaning equipment. In the unlikely event that’s necessary these points will be thoroughly sealed once cleaning is complete.

A powerful vacuum to collect debris

The process of air duct cleaning is going to jar loose a lot of dust, dirt and other debris. Every last bit of that debris will need to be effectively removed. A car vac taped to a pole just isn’t going to do it. Something a lot more powerful is called for and this is where the pros and pretenders usually part ways.

At Steve's, we use a high-powered, truck-mounted vacuum system that sucks every last dirt particle out of your ducts and delivers it to a collection tank in our truck. By keeping the collection equipment outdoors we ensure that anything removed from the ducts has no chance of ever re-entering them.

A collection of task-appropriate brushes

The process of physically cleaning the ducts begins with using a variety of both manual and electrically powered brushes and cleaning devices including air whips and blowguns. They remove whatever can be manually removed and, just as important, loosen stuck-on material that will then be sucked out by our high-powered vacuum. Think of this part of the process like rinsing dirty dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

Inexperienced and unqualified would-be duct cleaners will often bang around inside the ducts hoping to get everything with a cloth mounted on a stick, without regard for the potential consequences. Not us. The team from Steve’s takes care to seal all non-entry points on the ducts to ensure the material we loosen with the brushes does not wind up escaping into your bedrooms, living room, kitchen and hallways.

Compressed air

Without a ready and reliable source of compressed air the air whips and other devices we use to loosen and collect debris from inside your ducts wouldn't work. The team from Steve's arrive on the job with sufficient compressed air to power whatever tools are needed. In some cases, we'll use a truck-mounted compressor. But in cases where that is impractical, we bring portable compressors with us into the house, taking all necessary precautions to ensure they are operated safely.


Air duct cleaning is an important job that needs to be performed by dedicated professionals with the right equipment and the experience to get the most from that equipment. It’s not a job for a guy with a dust mop and a hand-held vacuum. By choosing the right company to clean your air ducts you will be ensuring a cleaner, more hygienic home for family, friends and pets.

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