Reasons to Prioritize Air Duct Cleaning in a New Home

Updated on November 26th 2023
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The process of buying a house is hectic, nerve-wracking, exhilarating, stressful, fun, and full of equal parts dread and hope. There are also a million things that need to be done in order for your move to come off without a hitch. So it’s no surprise that things are sometimes forgotten or overlooked. One of the most important things homebuyers forget is to have the air ducts in the house cleaned the minute they move in. Read on to find out why air duct cleaning is so important.

Why Air Duct Cleaning Should be at the Top of Your New Home To-Do List

Before you can settle into your new home you need to feel confident that you’ve crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s. Not only when it comes to the financing, but also when it comes to making sure the house is habitable. That’s where air duct cleaning comes in. Since you likely don’t know when or even if the previous owner had the ventwork cleaned, cleaning the ducts first thing will help protect you from myriad threats that can lurk in dirty ductwork. Threats such as:

Mold and mold spores

It only takes a little bit of moisture inside an air duct to attract mold, and eventually, that mold will start releasing mold spores, which is how it spreads to other areas. When those mold spores are breathed in by you and your loved ones they can cause everything from minor throat irritation to serious respiratory infections.

Dirt and dust

Arvada is located between the plains to the east and the mountains to the west. As a result, it receives more than its fair share of airborne dirt and dust. There is no way to prevent some of that airborne material from working its way into your ductwork. The only thing you can do to mitigate the issue is HVAC cleaning.

Pet hair and dander

If the previous owner had pets and never cleaned the air ducts it is a very safe bet that those ducts are playing host to large collections of pet hair and dander. Both of these can cause allergic reactions and aggravate asthma and other respiratory conditions. Having the ducts cleaned the moment you move in will help ensure this is never an issue for you.

Unpleasant odors caused by cooking or lifestyle activities

The previous owner may have had unusual taste in food or lifestyle habits that caused persistent odor problems. The best way to cleanse your HVAC system of noxious or unusual odors is to have a professional cleanse your ducts for you.

More Benefits of Air Vent Cleaning in Arvada

We've looked at some of the nasty things that can hide inside air ducts, now let's look at some of the benefits of professional duct cleaning.

  • A more efficient HVAC system - Dirt duct work interferes with the smooth flow of air and this causes the system to use more energy to keep things moving. By having your ducts cleaned properly your HVAC system will run more efficiently and is likely to need fewer repairs going forward.
  • Better overall air quality - When you remove mold, pet dander, dirt, dust, industrial contaminants, and other pollutants from your air ducts you will greatly improve the overall quality of the air circulating through the house.
  • Less chance of aggravating allergies - Pollutants circulating through the house are a major source of allergic reactions. If you purge your ductwork of pollen, mold spores, and other allergens you will greatly reduce the chance of making someone's allergies worse.
  • Your air filter will last longer - When dirty air is being continually circulated throughout the house it’s tough on the HVAC system’s air filter. By having Steve’s in to perform professional duct cleaning you will extend the life of the air filter, thereby saving money.

Contact Steve’s Today

Before all the boxes are unpacked in your new house you should be on the phone to Steve’s to arrange for air vent cleaning. Having your ducts cleaned will pay a multitude of benefits in both the short-term and long-term and make your new home safer and more hygienic for everyone. To find us just search for “duct cleaning near me” or give us a call at (720) 419-7792.

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Start Breathing Easier.

Your air ducts are the lungs of your home and keeping them clean keeps you and your family healthier and your HVAC equipment working optimally.