Factors that Affect HVAC Maintenance Costs

Updated on November 26th 2023
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As HVAC cleaning specialists, you won’t be surprised to learn that we recommend hiring a team of professionals to help you keep your domestic HVAC system operating flawlessly at all times. What may surprise you, however, is the effect not taking proper care of your system can have on overall maintenance and running costs. If you neglect your air conditioning equipment, furnace, and ductwork, you can expect to pay significantly more for servicing and repairs over the years than would otherwise have been the case. There are a number of other factors that may affect the price you pay to keep your system in good working order, as we discuss below.

HVAC Maintenance Cost: Top Factors to Consider

In our experience, the factors below are those that play the biggest part in determining your yearly HVAC servicing and maintenance costs:

  • The Condition of Your Ductwork and Vents – Dirty or damaged ductwork can negatively impact the performance of your domestic HVAC system and result in higher maintenance and repair costs over time. Because of this, we recommend having your ductwork inspected by professional technicians on an annual basis and cleaned whenever necessary. If you live in or near Arvada, our duct cleaning team will be delighted to provide you with any services you may require. If you live in a different part of the country, we suggest searching for ‘duct cleaning near me’ and contacting a few local service providers to request quotes for the services you need.
  • How Old Your Equipment Is – Older systems are less efficient, which means they normally cost more to run and more to maintain in the long term. If your system was installed more than a decade ago, we recommend asking a local HVAC professional for their expert opinion. In some cases, replacement may be more cost-effective than continued maintenance and repair but this will depend on the specific components in each system and their condition. One of the most obvious signs to look out for when trying to determine whether your HVAC system should be replaced is a significant increase in utility bills. If you find you are paying much more than usual to heat and cool your home, it may be time to consider some upgrades or a complete replacement.
  • Your Approach to HVAC Maintenance – If you are really on the ball as far as changing the filters in your HVAC system is concerned and having the ductwork cleaned when necessary, you can anticipate paying less for annual services and repairs than somebody who is less prudent. Generally speaking, somebody who pays for regular air vent cleaning and always changes filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions will enjoy a more efficient HVAC system and lower running costs. The reason for this is primarily related to wear and tear: when abrasive pollutants are left to circulate unhindered in dirty ductwork, sensitive components are subjected to greater wear and tear on a daily basis.
  • How Accessible Your System Is – The harder it is for a technician to reach the components they need to clean or adjust, the more expensive their services will be. Consequently, if your system is installed in such a way that makes it more difficult to access than the average domestic HVAC system in Arvada (or anywhere else in the USA), you can expect to pay more for servicing, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Local Climate – If you live in a part of the country with seasonal temperature swings that are greater than normal, this will almost certainly take its toll on your HVAC equipment and result in greater maintenance and repair costs over time. The more stress that is placed on individual HVAC components, the more wear and tear they will suffer. There is not much you can do about this particular factor, other than moving to a different part of the country. It is just something you need to bear in mind when estimating future running costs for your domestic HVAC system.
  • Local Air Quality – As any experienced vent cleaner will tell you, air quality is perhaps the most important factor to consider when attempting to estimate HVAC maintenance and repair costs. If you live in a city with poor AQI figures, you will need to change your air filters more frequently and you will probably need to have your ductwork and vents cleaned more often too. This will add considerably to your annual running costs so is something you definitely need to allow for in your calculations. As with the climate, there is very little, if anything, that you can do about the local air quality. It is simply another factor that you need to keep in mind when trying to estimate your annual HVAC maintenance and repair costs.
  • As you can see, there are a number of important issues to consider when trying to calculate your domestic HVAC running costs. Paying for our professional HVAC cleaning services may at first appear to be another negative entry on the balance sheet but, in the long term, it could actually help you to lower the cost of maintaining your system in excellent working order.

    If you are looking for a team that performs air-con, furnace, and duct cleaning in Arvada, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you minimize your annual HVAC running costs by keeping your system clean.

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