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Ten Reasons to Call Steve’s for Furnace Cleaning

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Furnace cleaning is not some phantom project HVAC guys created to make a few extra bucks. It’s essential if you want to ensure your furnace provides safe, dependable service. But it’s also essential that you have the cleaning performed by someone who knows what they’re doing. Here are ten reasons to call Steve’s for furnace cleaning in Arvada.

ONE: Cleaning Prevents Breakdowns

Cold weather in Colorado doesn’t start on the first day of winter and end on the first day of spring. In fact, the first snow typically falls in mid-October, (a full 2 months before the official start of winter), and the last falls in April (sometimes May). So furnaces here are cranking hard for nearly 2/3 of the year. That kind of workload puts enormous stress on your furnace. Furnace cleaning can help ensure your furnace doesn’t break down in mid-January when you need it most.

TWO: A Dirty Furnace is a Health Hazard

The furnace pulls in air from outside that is loaded with dirt, dust, pollen, soot and dozens of other pollutants. The filter on the furnace catches some of these particles, but not all. A lot winds up inside the furnace, accumulating around the blower and other components. This accumulated debris can come loose and get pushed through the ducts into your kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom where it’s breathed in by you and your loved ones. Keeping the furnace clean minimizes this health threat.

THREE: A Clean Furnace is an Efficient Furnace

The furnace already has to work hard for many long months at a time. When it’s dirty it has to work even harder. A dirty furnace doesn’t process air as effectively, the blower doesn’t work as efficiently, and dirt and debris impede the free flow of air, making it harder to achieve the desired temperatures. All of this puts stress and strain on the system that can lead to the breakdowns we mentioned earlier. A clean furnace, on the other hand, works much more efficiently and is far less likely to fail as a result.

FOUR: Professional Furnace Cleaning Can Ensure Your Warranty Stays Valid

Many furnace warranties require the furnace to be professionally serviced at least once per year. Failure to do so can, and often does, result in the warranty being voided. As a result, many homeowners will submit warranty claims when their dirty furnace breaks down, only to have the claim rejected by the manufacturer because they didn’t have the unit professionally serviced. Having Steve’s in to clean the furnace can satisfy this type of warranty requirement.

FIVE: Furnace Cleaning Can Detect Dangerous Leaks

The combustion of natural gas in the furnace produces carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, sulfur dioxide and other emissions. Normally, these emissions are contained within the system and safely vented. However, if the furnace has not been properly cleaned in a long time leaks may open up that allow these dangerous emissions to escape into the house. Such leaks can be detected and addressed during cleaning.

SIX: A Clean Furnace Will Last Longer

If a furnace is properly maintained you can expect it to last 15-20 years. If it is poorly maintained and never cleaned you can cut that life expectancy by 25% or more. Homeowners sometimes think they’re saving money by not having their furnace cleaned and maintained. But in the long run, they are spending more on repairs and they’ll wind up wasting more money when the furnace dies prematurely and needs to be replaced.

SEVEN: A Clean Furnace Distributes Air More Effectively

If the furnace is clogged with dust, dirt and other airborne debris it interferes with the effective distribution of air. This, in turn, can create a situation where less warm air is coming out of the registers and rooms are not heating up as effectively as they should. Having the pros from Steve’s in for furnace cleaning can eliminate this problem and get the air moving through your system the way it should be.

EIGHT: Professional Cleaning Includes a Filter Check

Homeowners should have the air filter on the furnace checked on a regular basis. But they often forget to check it themselves, and if they don’t have regular maintenance scheduled on the furnace no one else is going to check it either. As a result, the filter can become clogged with airborne debris and seriously impede the performance of the furnace. Part of a regular cleaning involves checking the air filter and replacing it if need be.

NINE: Cleaning the Furnace Can Lower Your Energy Bills

We have already mentioned that cleaning the furnace can result in more efficient operation. And that is certainly true. But just as important as efficient operation is the principle side effect of efficient operation: lower energy bills. With accumulated dirt and debris removed from the furnace, it won’t have to strain so hard to do its job and therefore will likely burn less fuel. Less fuel burned equals lower energy bills.

TEN: A Clean Furnace Promotes Peace of Mind

The sum total of all the benefits listed above is peace of mind for the homeowner. No more worrying about allergens being endlessly distributed throughout the house. No more worrying about dangerous emissions leaking into the living spaces. No more fretting over larger than necessary energy bills. And no more emergency calls in the middle of the night when the furnace breaks down. It’s a wonderful thing. Call Steve’s to arrange for expert furnace cleaning in Arvada today.

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