How Leaky Air Ducts Affect Energy Efficiency and Costs

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Air duct leaks (and blockages) can have a significant impact on overall energy efficiency as far as the majority of residential properties in Arvada and elsewhere in the USA are concerned. If you are not aware of this potential issue or how to tackle it, we invite you to study our short guide and hope that it may prove useful. Steve's Air Duct Cleaning offers professional air duct cleaning services to domestic and commercial customers in the Arvada area, charging competitive rates for high-quality work. Our long experience in this field has helped us to accumulate a wealth of knowledge on air ducts and energy efficiency, which we happily share with you today.

Advice from Our Arvada Air Duct Cleaning Team: How Leaks Can Cost You, Financially and Environmentally

As we mentioned at the beginning, air duct leaks can have an immediate and often sizeable impact on energy efficiency and the size of domestic utility bills. This is because whenever there is a leak in your system, your HVAC equipment will need to work even harder to maintain the desired temperature in your home (any air that escapes before it reaches its intended destination will lead to a reduction in efficiency). The result is usually a larger carbon footprint for your household and astronomical bills from your local electricity service provider. Now that you know why air duct leaks can be so costly, carry on reading to find out how you can avoid them in the first place.

How to Prevent Air Duct Leaks in Your Home HVAC System

The best way to make sure that air duct leaks do not cause you any problems is to have preventative maintenance performed on all ducting, vents, and HVAC equipment regularly. If you contact a local specialist in your area, they should be able to send a vent cleaner, furnace cleaner, or any other type of HVAC cleaner you need, to take care of your domestic system. How often you need to have your system and all its components inspected and cleaned will depend on how heavy your usage is, as well as the local air quality. In many cases, once every four to six years is enough to keep a domestic system running efficiently and to ensure that ducting leaks are prevented.

It is important to note that any unexpected increases in domestic energy usage in between visits, which cannot be traced to other equipment, should be treated as a sign that it is time for your HVAC system to be inspected and cleaned once more, including all ductwork. You may also wish to perform your own visual inspections at regular intervals, just to make sure that everything looks to be in its right place and functioning as it should be. However, please do not be tempted to try and repair or clean any of your HVAC components or ducting unless you are a fully qualified professional. Call your local air duct cleaning specialists instead, and let them take care of it for you!

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