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What is Dryer Lint and Is It Dangerous?

Updated on November 26th 2023
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Maybe you’ve heard people mention dryer lint before but you weren’t too sure what they were really talking about or perhaps you have a good idea what it is but you don’t know whether it’s something you need to worry about. Whatever the case, you will find all the information you need in this article. We’ll start with a simple definition so you know for sure what dryer lint is, then move on to discuss why it can be dangerous if it is allowed to accumulate for too long. As dryer vent cleaning specialists, we have a lot of experience with lint and we’re very aware of the dangers it can pose if it is not cleared away regularly.

What Exactly Is Dryer Lint?

Lint is comprised of very small particles that break free from organic fibers as a result of natural wear and tear. As the wool and cotton fibers that our clothes are made from rub against each other and against other objects, very small particles of the fibers break free and begin to accumulate, at first on the clothes themselves and then in places where we store the clothes, and in the machines in which we wash and dry them. Dryer lint, as you might expect, is the accumulation of these particles in your dryer, or, to be more specific, in your dryer vent. While it might sound quite harmless, dryer lint can lead to some serious issues if it is not dealt with on a regular basis. It is for this reason that a lot of local homeowners use our dryer duct cleaning and vent cleaning services in Arvada. But how could tiny particles of cotton and wool fibers possibly be a danger to you and your family? Let’s find out!

Why You Need Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning: Dangers of Dryer Lint

As far as many people are concerned, dryer lint is nothing more than a minor inconvenience: something that they have to live with because all natural fibers shed particles as they are washed and dried. However, while it may not look like a big threat, dryer lint can be very dangerous if it is not removed on a regular basis. Among the problems it can cause, the following are most commonly encountered:

  • It’s a Potential Fire Hazard – According to federal government statistics, around $35 million of property damage every year is caused by dryer fires. If you don’t clear the lint from your dryer vent on a regular basis, it can start to accumulate in the hose or ductwork, where it may catch fire as the air from the dryer heats it up. As it can be very difficult to remove lint from ducting and vents without special tools, the easiest way to get rid of it is to call a team of local dryer duct cleaning experts such as ourselves.
  • It May Attract Pests Into Your Home – A variety of household pests have the ability to enter your home via the dryer vent, including mice, rats, bees, wasps and cockroaches. By leaving the vent full of warm, fluffy lint, you will make it an even more attractive destination to any pests that are seeking shelter. It might sound like a remote possibility but all of the pests we just mentioned have actually been discovered in dryer vents and ducting. If you would like to minimize the chances of an infestation in your vent or ducting, we recommend searching for ‘dryer cleaning near me’ and contacting your local professionals as soon as possible. If you live in or near to Arvada, you are, of course, always welcome to contact us for assistance.
  • It May Cause Carbon Monoxide Emissions in Your Home – If your dryer vent becomes blocked because of an accumulation of lint, the carbon monoxide from your dryer that is normally vented outside could start to enter your home instead. Any build up of this poisonous gas in an enclosed area can be potentially fatal so, for this reason alone, we urge you to consider having your vent and duct cleaned by a team of experts if you haven’t done so for some time. Carbon monoxide is often referred to as the silent killer because it makes no noise, it cannot be seen and has no smell. This means it is virtually impossible to detect unless you have specialist equipment in your home.
  • It Can Make Your Dryer Less Efficient – This may be the least dangerous effect that lint can have but if you don’t want to waste energy unnecessarily, it could still be a cause for concern. As more and more lint accumulates in the vent, your dryer has to work harder and harder to dry your clothes. Even the most powerful of machines may begin to struggle with loads that it previously took in its stride. To ensure that your machine is able to operate at maximum efficiency, you should have the vent and duct cleaned regularly. You may decide to have a cleaning team visit your home annually or perhaps once every six months if you use your dryer more often than most people.

If you would like to find out more about our services, including dryer vent cleaning in Arvada, please do not hesitate to call or message us whenever convenient. A member of our team will be very happy to tell you all about our services and arrange for a technician to visit your home if desired.

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